24 March 2023

A coloss(eum)us of rock history in Cevio at the Vallemaggia Magic Blues

"...and the Magic goes on!" As is now a well-established custom, in addition to the "Magic Rock" evening, the capacious square in Cevio always hosts bands of depth whether vintage or new proposals. This was the case for the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival, for groups such as Status Quo, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, CoreLeoni and Uriah Heep. This year's edition is no joke either! Thursday, July 27, 2023 will be a memorable night for our festival. Coming to the valley are the legendary Colosseum, a band active from 1968 to 1971 and after a 23-year hiatus returned in a big way in 1994 to continue their cultured musical discourse to this day. We are dealing with one of the best groups in all of rock history, forerunners of fusion and prog rock, with their mix of Rock, Blues, Jazz and avant-garde. If you feel like checking out the lineups and various lineups in which past and future members have played, you will understand that going to see one of their concerts is like going to the library to study the history of blues rock. This is a band that has always performed at its best live, with long tunes, peppered with spectacular solos by the various members, all of whom are outstanding masters of their instrument. 

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