13 May 2024

Magic Rock Night. Program change

Glenn Hughes is not coming to the Magic Blues, in his place the CoreLeoni for a Swiss Magic Rock Night!

Due to health reasons Glenn Hughes is not coming to the valley; instead, the square in Cevio will have the honor of hosting CoreLeoni for the second time! Opening the evening is the most successful Swiss rock band of the late 1980s and early 1990s, China.

In 2018, CoreLeoni surprised the rock community with their debut album, The Greatest Hits - Part 1, which revived the old Gotthard classics, Leo Leoni describes the style as "modern vintage": classic; yet, always in step with the times. They return to Vallemaggia after the excellent concert in 2018, in the current lineup that sees together with Leo another excellent guitarist from Ticino, Jgor Gianola (Alto Voltaggio), Mila Merker on bass, Alex Motta on drums and, since 2022, the new vocalist the exceptional singer Eugent Bushpepa, who gives the songs even more authenticity and "old spirit." The intention is always to revisit and recover the energy of Gotthard's early period of activity and at the same time pay a fitting tribute to the late Steve Lee.  We have already had confirmation of this by listening to the four albums released so far, the latest a live album with the emblematic title "Alive," released last October. We can expect a sound as hard and pure as in the early days, to the delight of Gotthard's early fans. Alongside several new original songs, an opportunity for younger fans to (re)discover songs that are no longer part of the band's set list today such as Downtown, Firedance, Higher, Here comes the heat, In the name and Let it be. The best of Rock'n'roll at lightning speed!

Opening the evening is the most successful Swiss rock band of the late 1980s and early 1990s, China. A band founded in 1985, they quickly achieved star status in Europe and Japan. Their second album even became a "gold record." Not many at the time could compete with their live shows, charisma, and reputation as one of the best live acts in Europe. After several line-up changes and disbandments in 2021 four members of the first line-up decided to come back and perform the songs that everyone missed and the Swiss Rock people loved. Singer Hardy Hartmeier will not only share the stage with longtime guitarist Claudio Matteo, but both will be in good company bringing along their old bandmates Freddy Scherer and Marc Lynn of Gotthard to play such unforgettable hits as In The Middle Of The Night, Sign In The Sky and Shout It Out. Vallemaggia Magic Blues rockers are you ready?

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