18 April 2024

Special Evening “40 Anni Vasco Jam”

SPECIAL EVENT: Magic Blues Association in collaboration with Vasco Jam Band and Radio Ticino presents:

“40 Years Vasco Jam” Special Evening with special guests Claudio “Il Gallo” Golinelli e and Andrea Braido, former members of Vasco Rossi's band. Evening “spericolata”!

"Magical vibes!" with a special finale! Like last year, this year's edition of Vallemaggia Magic Blues will have a special epilogue. In fact, the Magic Blues Association in collaboration with the Vasco Jam and Radio Ticino is organizing a special evening on Friday, August 9, on the beautiful square in Maggia: "40 Years Vasco Jam."

Special Evenings, for Vallemaggia Magic Blues are nothing new. Over the years on several occasions, we have collaborated with others in organizing "special events" outside the standard Vallemaggia Magic Blues program. From the first time in 2008 thanks to Pro Brontallo for Davide van De Sfroos in Cevio, to the All-star nights with Cross Music Production in 2009 and 2010 with the likes of Dana Gillespie and Rick Wakeman & Nere (2009) Tim Hinkley feat. Mel Collins and Henry Mc Cullough (2010); to The Nightbirds in Cevio with the City of Cevio. To the one, which we can safely regard as the pinnacle of collaborations, a decade ago, when together with our friends from Hockey Club Maggia we brought the legendary Status Quo to Cevio for a concert that remains among the highlights in the festival's history. Just thinking about it still gives me chills! Also last year always with the friends of HC Maggia we had on the beautiful square of Maggia the special evening Remember Open Air at the Fiüm with two of the most interesting bands of the rock scene of the Italian Swiss: The Vad Vuc and Piace?

This year, thanks to the collaboration with the Vasco Jam and our partner Radio Ticino, we will again present a post-festival speial, "reckless" evening. The year 2024 marks, for one of the most famous cover bands of the great Vasco, the 40th year milestone. For this celebration we have thought big and we will have on stage in Maggia, together with the Vasco Jam, two very special guests, who on July 1, 2017 were with Vasco Rossi on stage at the concert-event Modena Park 2017! We will have with us Claudio "Il Gallo" Golinelli and Andrea Braido. For fans of Vasco Rossi bass means only one person: Claudio Golinelli, an eccentric and musically trained artist who in 1980 began an association with Vasco Rossi that has virtually never stopped. Andrea Braido, a great Italian guitarist in addition to a myriad of collaborations with great artists from 1989 until 1995 was the guitarist for the great rocker from Zocca. Ticino youngsters Golden Serval will open the evening.

Two years have passed since Vasco Rossi's first concert at "Le stelle" disco in Ascona, when in 1984 a group of five friends, founded Vasco Jam, the first ever cover band dedicated to the Italian rocker. Vasco's popularity, thanks in part to his participation in two editions of Sanremo, is booming, while the Ticino group is still in its infancy; but despite their young age, the musicians are full of enthusiasm and with clear ideas. They win a music competition at the Swiss level and decide to enrich their repertoire, perfecting their sound, and begin a very long series of concerts that lasted 40 years in the canton of Ticino, beyond the Alps and in Italy, attracting concert after concert an increasingly large and passionate audience. In its 40 years of existence, the lineup underwent numerous changes, and to date there are nearly 30 musicians, who have succeeded each other on stage. After founding the band together with Donato "Peavey" Pelloni and being its lead singer for 19 years, Ivan Maggini left the band and Alain Scherrer succeeded him on vocals, joining Roberto Baccalà (drums), Lele Pozzi (acoustic guitar and backing vocals), Leo Schena (keyboards) and Daniele Zanusso (bass). In the following years it will be Enrico "Kikko" Sibona (sax), Luigi Biamino (guitar) and Tony Princiotta (guitar) who will complete the lineup and give it a stability that has lasted for several years. The band's repertoire spans Vasco's entire career.

For fans of Vasco Rossi bass means only one person: Claudio Golinelli, known to most as Il Gallo. An eccentric and musically trained artist. He was born in Imola on October 12, 1950, and from an early age showed a penchant for music. At the age of 8 he was already playing drums in his father's GinoK orchestra, and from the age of 12 he attended the conservatory, graduating in double bass. His career began in 1969 with the group I Baci and after military service his career took a turn. He joins the Italian-American band Zebra Crossing and participates in the European tour. He then worked in Gianna Nannini's band, and in 1980 he came into contact with Vasco Rossi, beginning an association that would virtually never end. In 1987 with the Steve Rogers Band, the group accompanying Vasco at that time, he released the album Alzati la skirt, whose title track became a true catchphrase. Over the years besides Vasco collaborates with several Italian artists such as Ron, Stadio, Celentano, Finardi, Fortis and Battiato just to name a few. Due to health problems in 2008 he interrupted everything until 2009, when he returned to work with Vasco and other projects, such as the Gallo Team. In July 2017 he was alongside Vasco Rossi at the 2017 Modena Park mega concert, but in 2018, an illness forced him to skip the tour almost entirely. Starting with VascoNonStop Live 2019 he plays alternating on stage with Andrea Torresani.

Andrea Braido was born in Trento and began playing drums at the age of four driven by a very strong passion and supported artistically in his family by a culturally favorable environment. Around the age of 12 he began to play guitar and bass always self-taught absorbing all usable music. After a short trip to Boston and New York at the age of 20, made of many jam-sessions with key figures in the history of world jazz, he returns to Italy and starts working professionally participating dap-first in many jam-sessions and jazz/fusion and rock concerts. He plays all types of guitar, electric bass, drums and percussion. His career includes many collaborations both on live tours and in the studio with numerous artists and music programs. After being a session player for Patty Pravo, F. Baccini and Mina, he became Vasco Rossi's guitarist from 1989 (Liberi liberi Tour) until 1995, for the album Nessun pericolo... per te. In 1990 Braido collaborates with Zucchero on the Gold, Incense and Beer Tour and for Live at the Kremlin. Later, he toured with other musicians, including Adriano Celentano and on the world tours of Laura Pausini and Eros Ramazzotti. After experiences with Raf and Paola Turci, he devoted himself to his own artistic project, releasing seven records under his own name between 1991 and 2006. On July 1, 2017, he was invited by Vasco Rossi to the concert-event Modena Park 2017, in front of more than 220,000 spectators.

From now on, and since the square in Maggia has a limited capacity, we strongly recommend it, you can buy tickets in advance from our usual partners ticket office.ch and ticketcorner.ch. If you would like to spend an evening in the company of the musicians, it will also be possible to buy the Backstage Special Package, which includes admission to the concert, aperitif and dinner (excluding drinks) in the exclusive Backstage area. Places are limited and advance purchase biglietteria.ch is mandatory.

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