18 July 2024 – 20:30 / Moghegno

Italian, Swiss and British blues for the 6° European Blues Night!

For the past 6 years our festival has been giving space to European Blues by inviting each year the winning band of the last "Swiss Blues Challenge" and two other national winners. We will have on stage the last winner of the Swiss Blues Challenge, Dan Mudd, versatile artist with a rough voice and precise guitar technique. Accompanying him will be Dominik Liechti, aka bearbeat, with more than 15 years of experience as a live musician. 

Next up are Italian folk-rock-blues duo The Crowsroads with their distinctive sound for an engaging and cohesive live show that balances grit and delicacy, fun and listening. Closing out are England's The Cinelli Brothers, 2022 winners of the UK Blues Challenge and runners-up at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in January 2023. They represent a new generation of musicians who share a love of Blues, Soul, R&B and the real authentic sounds that have made the Blues a cornerstone of music history. It will undoubtedly be a great evening of blues "made in Europe"!

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The Cinelli Brothers


The Cinelli Brothers is a project born out of a shared passion for the Chicago and Texas blues of the 1960s and 1970s, when brothers Marco (guitarist and vocalist) and Alessandro (drummer) decided to form an explosive band presenting an original repertoire in the style of Chess, Stax and Motown. The two brothers are joined by Tom Julian-Jones on harmonica, guitar and vocals and Stephen Giry on bass and vocals. Their debut album Babe Please Set Your Alarm in 2018 reached number two on the IBBA (Independent Blues Broadcasters' Association). Music Republic Magazine named Marco Cinelli the best guitarist of 2018. Their second album Villa Jukejoint, recorded at home with a single microphone, has a vintage and retro flavour typical of the 1950s and early 1960s! In 2020 and for the following three years, the band was nominated for the UK Blues Awards as 'Blues Band Of the Year'. In January 2022 the album Villa Jukejoint was nominated for the UK Blues Awards as 'Blues Album Of the Year'. The same thing in January 2023 for the album No Country For Bluesmen. In September 2022 the band won the UK Blues Challenge, and in January 2023 they came 2nd at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. The Cinelli Brothers represent a new generation of musicians who share a love of blues, soul, R&B and the authentic sounds that have made the blues a cornerstone of music history.

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Dan Mudd feat. bearbeat


As is tradition, the Vallemaggia Magic Blues hosts the winner of the previous year's Swiss Blues Challenge at each edition. Dan Mudd is a versatile artist who delights his audience with his raspy voice and precise guitar technique. After his beginnings as a street musician, his friendliness, talent and skill have brought him onto important stages in Switzerland and abroad, where he now performs an intense live activity, with  more than 80 concerts a year. His musical range extends from blues to soul, from rock to funk. In doing so, he moves deftly between sound experiments and traditional fingerstyle. He has also played for US superstar Tina Turner at the Four Seasons in Florence and has also worked with well-known blues artists such as Ana Popovic and Popa Chubby. Singer, guitarist and composer, Dan Mudd is a true artist who tells stories and captivates his listeners with his music. Accompanying him is Dominik Liechti, aka Bearbeat, who has over 15 years of experience as a live musician. A passionate percussionist, he has toured Europe with several top bands and musicians. We are sure that he will be impress the demanding Magic Blues audience.

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The Crowsroads


The Crowsroads are an Italian folk-rock-blues duo formed by brothers Matteo (guitar and vocals) and Andrea Corvaglia (harmonica and vocals). Their sound starts with a guitar, a harmonica and two voices, and moves in unexpected directions: the harmonica, from a simple solo instrument, becomes a true 'orchestra' that produces countless rhythms and sounds; the guitar, working in synergy, supports the song from the foundations and adjusts the dynamics; the vocal harmonies, always the protagonists of their performances, relying on two voices that are so different but capable of blending to perfection. A decade-long journey, which began when the brothers were teenagers, has brought to maturity an engaging and cohesive live show that knows how to reconcile grit and delicacy, fun and listening. The Crowsroads love to share these moments with musician friends: in concerts the duo can also become a trio or quartet. The Crowsroads project has always been about producing original songs written by four hands. The brothers' writing has progressively opened up to more and more contaminations (rock, folk, blues, pop), as attested by their latest collection of self-written songs 'On the Ropes', with lyrics that cover a wide range of topics (autobiographical stories, reflections on being young in today's world, small portraits of human 'types') and always remain imbued with a European and Mediterranean sensitivity.

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